What you'll learn in this course

Market analysis + Email 2 Lease in 15 minutes pocket course

  1. How to analyze and assess gaps in any market
  2. How to find homeowners using our simple and effective email script
  3. What websites we use to target homeowners
  4. How to prepare to talk to homeowners using our top ten FAQs
  5. How to have that important conversation with homeowners
  6. How to source and build vendor teams to service your Airbnb (Right team + Right Process)
  7. How to Automate your Airbnb (Right Team + Right Technology)
  8. How to price professionally
  9. Tax overview
  10. Explainer videos

  1. How to conduct the RIGHT market research and analysis by understanding VALUE
  2. Investing in Peerspace and RVs (Operating in the Sharing Economy)
  3. How and where to find deals (Homeowners + Investors)
  4. How to Build vendor teams
  5. How to Automate your space
  6. How to professionally price by understanding profit margins + targeted occupancy rates (This ties back to #1, because you CANNOT outprice your market VALUE)
  7. Tax tips

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